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Kids Running


  • Is Mobile Mini Golf a good fit for my event?
    With very few exceptions the answer is almost always yes! Because of our state of the art mini golf course we have a variety of flexible set up options that work with even the trickiest of event venues. Mini golf is also a great neutral option for all ages and physical abilities with little to no risk involved!
  • How much space does the course require?
    We recommend an average of 400 ft.² for the entire nine hole course. Each hole measures about 3‘ x 8‘ and we recommend 4‘ x 10‘ per hole to ensure players have enough room to play comfortably! Because each hole can be played individually, the entire course can be set up and spread out in unlimited ways! ideal set up conditions are relatively level and free of dirt/debris Such as hallways, conference, rooms, driveways, fields, and more! Our course is capable of setting up on many different playing surfaces, such as grass, Astroturf, indoor flooring, cement, rock, asphalt and more!
  • How far do you travel?
    While we happily service the entire state of Texas, a travel fee does apply to any events outside the San Antonio area. We regularly service San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, including smaller towns such as Boerne, Pleasanton, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Waco, Georgetown, Cedar Park and everything in between!
  • How much do you charge?
    The cost for the course is $225 per hour with a two hour minimum and only $145 per hour after that! Every rental comes with an attendant, putters (kids and adults), golf balls, scorecards, obstacles, and battery powered LED lights.
  • How will the course be setup?
    We will arrive on site generally 30 minutes before the events start time. Your course attendant will check in with the event contact and confirm the set up area discuss the best course orientation for your event! Our entire nine hole course is transported on a custom cart, which can fit through most standard doorways, however, be sure to let your booking specialist know if there are any potential difficulties with set up, including long travel paths, stairs, elevators, and steep inclines or declines.
  • Can you setup outdoors?
    Absolutely! Our course is perfect for indoor and outdoor use!
  • How many holes can we choose?
    Currently, we only offer our nine hole course. We do not currently have pricing available for individual holes. If space is a concern just give us a call and our booking specialist will be able to help come up with potential creative solutions for you!
  • Can this be used at night/with dim lighting?
    Absolutely! Our course comes with built-in battery powered multicolor LED lights, which when combined with our powder coated course obstacles really adds an amazing visual impact to any event!
  • What happens if it rains?
    Our course is waterproof and can withstand over six hours of nonstop, heavy rainfall!
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We generally require a 50% deposit for all events to reserve and hold your date and time. We do allow for some flexibility when working with state agencies and nonprofits. If you need to cancel your event more than 14 days out from the event date we can apply your 50% deposit to a future event. For events canceled less than 14 days out from the scheduled date the full payment will be required however the full balance can be used as credit towards a future event.
  • How many people can play at once?
    Our nine hole course can comfortably accommodate up to 40 players per hour! Looking to entertain more people at once? No problem! Be sure to check out our other amazing mobile entertainment facilities Including Mobile Escape Rooms, Mobile Axe Throwing, interactive games, and more!
  • Does the course come with an attendant?
    Absolutely! All of our facilities come with a happy, professional, and knowledgeable attendant to help with any and all needs! For multi day events additional fees may apply.
  • Does the course need access to power?
    One of the great things about our portable mini golf course is that it is battery powered! Our course can generally run six hours on battery power alone. For longer events we will need to recharge batteries.
  • Is this appropriate for kids and adults?
    Absolutely! That's one of the amazing things about mini golf is that it is perfect for all ages! We even bring plastic putters so even toddlers can get in on the game!
  • How long does it take to set up and teardown?
    Set up and teardown is fairly straightforward and generally takes less than 20 minutes for each!
  • Did we forget anything?
    Still have a few questions we didn’t answer? No worries just send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to help answer any and all questions!
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